Valorant Player Transfer


Valorant is a 5v5 first-person hero shooter. It was released by Riot Games in 2020 and has quickly become a highly popular e-sport with 12 million monthly active players and Valorant pro teams from around the world. The Valorant e-sports tournament 2021 World Championships had a prize pool of $1 million, and this is set to keep growing as the pro scene develops.

Riot Games recently announced Valorant e-sports will have its own dedicated pro league similar to the Overwatch League. The league will start in 2023 and feature Valorant pro teams from around the world, and be split into 3 regions, the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

The Valorant top players are constantly transferring and switching pro teams as they chase bigger salaries and try to win major Valorant e-sports tournaments. It is not easy to keep track of all of these transfers in Valorant.

If you are a serious Valorant fan and especially if you enjoy betting on matches, it is extremely important to follow the latest transfer news. A well-timed transfer can instantly turn an average Valorant team into a world-class squad that is capable of winning the World Championship.

That is why we have created a comprehensive list of all transfers in Valorant. We record all players transfers Valorant in real-time and have historical records of all trades. You can easily search past transfers in Valorant over the last week, month, and even years.

If you want to easily follow Valorant e-sports, always know a team’s lineup and where your favorite player is playing, then check out our list of players transfers Valorant. Never miss a crucial player trade again!